Victim Services of York Region | Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Victim Services of York Region is a non-profit, charitable, community-based organization working in partnership with York Regional Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, Aurora detachment, and York Region Fire Services. In this way we meet the short-term needs of victims of crime and tragic circumstance by providing emotional support, practical assistance, and referrals to community resources for continued support. Service delivery is based on the principles of empowerment and prevention through education and advocacy.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Victim Services of York Region Inc. that all persons who have been victimized by crime or tragic circumstance in the Region of York receive an immediate, caring, skilled, effective, and supportive coordinated response with an emphasis on compassion and respect for personal dignity and privacy.

Philosophy Statement

Victim Services of York Region Inc. strives to be a leader in service delivery excellence through our professional, knowledgeable, confidential, honest and compassionate approach to persons victimized by crime or tragic circumstance. To this end, Victim Services of York Region Inc. believes that every person experiences the impact of a crime or tragedy in a unique way and that each individual needs a safe, secure, caring, inclusive, supportive and non-judgmental environment to share these experiences. The organization, its Board of Directors, employees and volunteers, adopt core values that shape our service delivery approach.

Our Core Values











Respect & Dignity