Victim Services of York Region | About
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Victim Services of York Region

We provide immediate emotional support, practical assistance, information
and referrals to individuals victimized by crime or tragic circumstance.

We are available to help in the following situations:

Assaults, Arson, Break & Enter, Criminal Harassment (Stalking), Domestic Violence, Family Crisis, Fraud, Fire, Grief and Bereavement, Homicide, Missing Persons, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Sudden Death, Suicide

Examples of incidents which Victim Services has responded:

  • A family coping with the sudden death of their son in a motor vehicle accident
  • A young woman dealing with the trauma of a sexual assault
  • Parents trying to understand the death of their teenager by suicide

  • Workers trying to deal with a fatal industrial accident of one of their colleagues
  • A woman trying to cope with the trauma of a violent assault by her husband
  • A gay male in an abusive relationship looking for shelter

Our Roles In The Community

We believe every person experiences the impact of a crime or tragedy in a unique way.
Equally, we believe that these experiences need to be shared in a safe, secure, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

To help victims cope with the impact of a crime and/or tragedy

To work towards prevention through education

To reduce trauma to victims and their families

To promote victim assistance and education to the community

To provide an opportunity for the community to become more involved in dealing with the effects of crime

To assist victims with accessing appropriate support services in the community